Meet Our Team

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Bonnie Olson
Bonnie Olson

Bonnie Olson, Principal, has a broad, 35-year history in human services, community planning and public policy, multi-disciplinary teams, and work with diverse cultures. Ms. Olson has worked with Boards of Directors, governmental entities, community-based nonprofit organizations, advisory groups and community-coalitions.

Bonnie has a lifelong commitment to racial justice and social equity. She grew up in the Yester Terrace housing project in a bi-racial family, and has been a community activist and advocate.

Ms. Olson holds a Master Degree in Whole Systems Design from Antioch University and a BA in Psychology from the University of Washington. Bonnie is a member of the Future Search Network.

Mora Uch
Director of Multi-lingual Community Engagement

Mora is responsible for coordinating the multi-cultural and multi-lingual teams on Community Engagement projects. She ensures smooth implementation of project strategies and compiles all project data. Mora also works with nonprofits on internal management systems, helping them improve their documentation to be able to showcase the work they do in the community.

Mora stays connected to serving her Cambodian community, working part-time providing case management service at ACRS (Asian Counseling and Referral Service). Mora has a Master degree in Business Management and a BA in Accounting and Finance.

Mora worked in project management with United Nation Development Programme (UNDP) in Cambodia for more than 7 years. She worked on project planning and implementation, and provided oversight function to many programs, including trade related assistance, rural women entrepreneurs and ethnic-cultural products, and community conversation program about HIV/AIDS.

Outside of work, Mora spends time with her family, walking, and watching movies. She enjoys helping school work of her two daughters, Nadia and Vita.

Kevin Baker
Kevin Baker
Consultant Associate

Kevin has been passionate about helping people all of his life. An advocate for youth and for communities of color, Kevin is enthusiastic about contributing to the success of all people. Born and raised in Richmond, Virginia, Kevin’s life journey has allowed him to devote himself to bringing the best out of each other and ourselves.

Mr. Baker has a Master’s in Education from Antioch University, and a Master’s in Psychology. Kevin’s expertise includes: Racial Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, Cultural Diversity, Historical Trauma and Trans-generational Trauma, Unconscious Bias, Power, Privilege, the Impacts of Culture on Education, the Education Achievement Gap, and Leadership Development. His consulting work explores how culture has influenced the ability of an organization and its staff to provide the best services to clients, work partners, and communities. Kevin assists organizations to examine policy, program development and professional growth through an equity and inclusion lens.

He has worked with individuals, school districts, and non-profit agencies. Specific examples of his work:

  • a member of the African American Male Scholar Advisory Committee for the Seattle Public School District.
  • created Rites of Passage programming at Seattle’s Garfield High School. His work at
  • YWCA training called “De-escalation: Through the Lens of Race,” and most recently,
  • facilitate a men’s group at Passage Point.